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Sony ericsson රහස් කේත.....

මෙන්න මම දැන් Sony Ericsson එකේ Code ටික ගෙනාවා. මෙන්න ඒ ටික. කියවලා බලලා යද්දි Comment එකක් දාගෙනම යන්න......

<**< Use to display the information about mobile network

< 0 0 0 0 > Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile default language

>*<<*<* Use to display the mobile software version

<0000> Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile default theme

# To display the SIM Number of the mobile

**04*0000*0000*0000# You can access you mobile settings without SIM card

*#0000# Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile English menu

904060 + > Use to reset mobile phone settings

904093 + menu Use to display the CDMA Mode

On/off button Press and release quickly on/off button to verify the battery

status. > * > (>); To display the text contained in the phone
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